make the best OMELET and burger at home with the NEW 4-hole OMELET pan.

Now You Can Make fried Egg Burgers, Omellete Cakes, perfect Pancakes,Eggs Ham with the Nonstick 4 hole Cooking Pot.

The 4 in 1 Omelet pan is designed to bring joy to every home. This is the best small kitchen Appliance If you need to fry a wonderful meal at home, try this convenient 4 in 1 frying pan. 

Sometimes It May Take A Bit Of Bribery To Make Your Kids Want To Eat, But This Breakfast Cookware Has The Fun Built Right In. These Pancakes Are Perfect For kids breakfast and school lunch packs.

even adults can make breakfast meals in the morning with this 4 hole Omelet pan. 

You can Use the 4 hole Cooking pot to Make meals; 

  • For Breakfast
  • movie time 
  • before and After Meal snack and brunch appetizers.
  • Perfect Quick Lunch with a bottle of your favorite drink.
  • Food For Children To Go To School With.

You Can Try Different Crepe Recipes To Keep Surprising Your Loved Ones With New And Yummy Munchies To Go Round For Everyone;

How To Use:

  1. get the recipe ingredients ready.
  2. Brush oil on the bottom of the pan and beat the eggs into it
  3. Add Meat and Put Barter in Frying
  4. Use spoon to flip the eggs into the Barter. 
  5. Enjoy your pancake repeatedly. 


  • Premium Material: The 4 Hole Omelet frying pan is made of high Quality aluminium alloy, it features optimal Material of beautiful and elegant wood grain texture for durable use.
  • Non stick Pan: Made from the Non stick coating of Mai-fan stone, bakelite handle, and non stick pan, the Omelet 4 hole reduces stickiness while frying or making your Favorite Omelet. 
  • 4 cavities design: With this Omelet pan, perfect molds of pancakes, and egg shakes are made easy. it allows you to fry 4 eggs and make 4 Pancakes at the same time for your husband and children. 
  • Easy & Practical to use: The pan features intelligent temperature control and A premium bottom, which has a fine shape to achieve even heat conduction. It is safe and healthy, easy to use and clean, and Practical For Most Stoves.
  • multiple purpose: The pan can be used to make omelette, burger and the like, and the pan features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.
  • Great Addition To Kitchen:  Perfect for anywhere and anytime to make Pancakes and burger, etc.  best for cooking healthy breakfast, lunch and children foods to take along to school. 
  • Name: Four-hole Frying Pan
  • Material: aluminum alloy + bakelite
  • Size: as shown in the picture
  • Uses: fried eggs, burgers
  • Application: induction cooker, gas stove, electric ceramic stove


2 In 1 Stainless Steel Fry Pan With Nonstick Spoon As A Free Gift.

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This is a Perfect Kitchen Tool To Create And Foster Happy Moments With Your Family. Every Home Deserves One Of This 4 hole Omelet Pan. 

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